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Winthrop Professors

The title of Winthrop Professor was introduced in 2009 with a new academic career structure for UWA.

Winthrop Professors are one career step above Professors.

  • Full list of Winthrop Professors
    L. Abbott, BSc, PhD, Earth and Environment 1974-2013
    L. J. Abraham, BSc, PhD, Genetics 1998-2018
    M. Anderson, MA, DPhil, Psychology 1990-2013
    M. Barley, BSc, PhD, Earth and Environment 1989-2013
    M. Beeson, PhD, Social Sciences 2010-2013
    L. Beilin, MB BS, MD, MA, FRACP, FRCP, FCSANZ, Medicine and Pharmacology 1977-2011
    D. G. Blair, BSc, PhD, Physics 2009-2018
    R. Bosworth, MA, PhD, FAHA, FASSA, History 1987-2011
    F. T. Christiansen, MB BS, MD, FRACP, FRCPA, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 1980-2012
    D. Chung, BSW, MPP, PhD, Population Health 2011-2013
    A. T. Coram, BA, PhD, Political Science and International Relations 1991-2012
    I. R. Dadour, BSc, PhD, Forensic Science 2009-2015
    S. Debowski, DipT, BA, BEd, MEd, PhD, GAICD, Organisations and Labour Studies 2003-2012
    B. C. Elliott, DipPE, MEd, PhD, FACHPER, FASMF, FAIBiol, FISBS, FAAKPE, Sport Science, Exercise and Health 1970-2012
    J. Emery, BA, MA, MB BCh, DPhil, DRCOG, RCGP, General Practice 2004-2013
    M. Fahey, BA, PhD, Civil and Resource Engineering 1984-2012
    W. Ford, BA, LLB, DipEd, DipLib, Law 1978-2011
    B. Giles-Corti, BAppSc, MAppSc, PhD, Population Health 1992-2011
    R. J. Gilkes, BSc, PhD, FSSSA, Earth and Environment 1969-2012
    G. Griffiths, BA, PhD, FAHA, English and Cultural Studies 1989-2013
    J. C. Hall, MSc, MBBS, DS, Surgery 1985-2012
    G. R. Hammond, BPsych, PhD, Psychology 1973-2012
    H. Hao, BSc, MSc, PhD, Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering 2002-2014
    D. Haskell, BCom, BA, PhD, English and Cultural Studies 2011-2012
    D. Hegney, BA, PhD, Population Health 1984-2011
    T. Horton, BEc, MBA, Business 2011-2012
    I. G. Jacobs, BAppSc, DipEdu, PhD, FRCNA, Emergency Medicine 2006-2011
    S. Kaye, PhD, Law 2006-2013
    P. K. Kirsner, BSc, BCom, PhD, Animal Biology 2010-2013
    N. T. Lautenschlager, MD, Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 1972-2012
    G. Lee, BSc, PhD, Forensic Science 2000-2012
    J. E. Long, MA, PhD, FRHistS, History 2011-2015
    R. M. Lucas, BSc, MEd, MPH, PhD, Child Health Research 1995-2012
    P. C. Maddern, MA, DPhil, History 2014-2014
    R. Marriott, BAppSc, DipAppSc(Nursing), GradDipN, MSc, PhD, Child Health Research 2005-2014
    J. R. Melville-Jones, MA, GradDipClassArch, PhD, FRNS, FAHA, Classics and Ancient History 2012-2014
    D. Mizerski, BS(BusAdmin), PhD, Marketing 1957-2012
    N. A. Morgan, BA, MA, PhD, Law 1999-2013
    D. L. Morrison, MA, PhD, Psychology 1988-2011
    J. K. Olynyk, BMedSc, MBBS, MD, Medicine and Pharmacology 1993-2012
    D. Plowman, BEc, GradDipT, MA, PhD, Business 1994-2012
    K. Punch, BA, BEd, PhD, Education 1993-2013
    C. Raston, BSc, DSc, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry 1970-2010
    K. Regenauer-Lieb, MSc, PhD, Earth and Environment 2003-2013
    J. D. Roberts, BSc, PhD, Animal Biology 2006-2014
    A. C. Smith, MDSc, FRACDS, Dentistry 1978-2014
    S. M. Smith, BSc, MA, PhD, Chemistry 2009-2013
    G. W. Stachowiak, MSc(Eng), PhD, Mechanical Engineering 2010-2014
    R. Stamps, BSc, MSc, PhD, Physics 1983-2012
    C. Steytler, BA, LLB, Law 1997-2013
    G. J. Stockport, PhD 2009-2016
    J. H. Taplin, BA(Econ), MAgrEc, PhD, Business 1992-2010
    D. Trigger, BA, PhD, Anthropology 1986-2012
    D. A. Turkington, BCA, BA, BCom, MA, PhD, Economics 1970-2014
    G. J. Venville, BSc, PhD, Science Education 2007-2018
    B. N. Vo, BSc, BE, PhD, Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2010-2012
    T. Walter, BCom, PhD, Business 2011-2012
    R. Weller, BLArch, MLArch, Architecture 2011-2012
    J. Whelan, BSc, PhD, Plant Energy Biology 1970-2014
    J. F. Williams, MSc, DipEd, DSc, PhD, FAmIP, FAIP, FAA, FInstP, CPhys, SMIEEE, Physics 1999-2015

Service length

Years noted after names indicate the total length of continuous service with the University from the date of first appointment which may not be at professor's level. Only subjects of specialisation are quoted.

Further information is in Vice-Chancellors, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Pro Vice-Chancellors and Executive Deans for names of professors who have held those positions for some period of their appointment.
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