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Timothy Colmer

W/Prof Timothy Colmer

Head of School
School of Plant Biology

Contact details
School of Plant Biology
The University of Western Australia (M084)
35 Stirling Highway
6488 1993
6488 1108
Room 1.106, Agriculture Central Wing Building, Crawley campus
BSc(Agric) W.Aust., PhD Calif.
Key research
The focus of our research is on physiological and biochemical traits associated with plant adaptation to salinity and flooding, and the regulation of these traits. Processes at the cellular to eco-physiological levels are studied. Current projects investigate: (i) anoxia tolerance using rice coleoptiles as a model system, (ii) anoxia tolerance in wheat, (iii) O2 movement in aerenchyma and radial O2 loss from roots of crops (esp. rice and wheat) and wetland plants (including ‘wild’ Triticeae), and (iv) regulation of organic solutes and ions (Na+, Cl-, K+) in crop species and Australian halophytes exposed to salinity.
Multi-disciplinary projects are conducted in collaboration with key Local, National and International groups. An important example is research in collaboration with Dr. Rafiq Islam (Cytogenetics; Adelaide University) to transfer traits associated with salinity- and waterlogging-tolerance from Hordeum marinum into bread wheat. PhD students ‘drive’ several of the research projects, and are encouraged to collaborate with others. As examples, during the past three years PhD students have spent several months in Sweden, Germany or Queensland; and have also collaborated with visiting scientists from Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, India, and the UK).
In collaboration with Dr. Louise Barton, we have established a research program with the WA Turf Industry with the aim to achieve best practices in turf irrigation and nutrient management. Aspects related to the physiology of plant water use, drought tolerance and nutrition, and solute movement and other processes in soils, have been examined.
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Munns R, Colmer TD. 1999. Chapter sections: 17.1.3 Perspectives on salinity - Solutes and
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adaptation to salt; 17.4 Salt affected land: utilisation and reclamation. In: Plants in
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Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 443-461.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
(i)Australasian Editor of Annals of Botany (2001 - present).
(ii)Guest Editor with Rana Munns of a Special Issue ‘Waterlogging and salinity tolerance in plants’, Plant & Soil Vol. 253, 286 pages, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Netherlands.
(iii)Consulting Editor, Plant and Soil, Kluwer Academic Publishers.
(iv)Chair of Organising Committee for the 8th Conference of the International Society for Plant Anaerobiosis, Perth, September 2004 (see:
Member of The Australian Society of Plant Scientists (Discipline Rep. during 2002 & 2003)
Member of International Society for Plant Anaerobiosis
My teaching focuses on responses and adaptations of plants to adverse environments, and the integration of processes from the cellular to whole plant levels. The relevance of such adaptations to plants in appropriate agricultural and natural systems are considered in the context of solving problems in these management systems. Inter-disciplinary approaches to problem solving are emphasized. Evaluations of the current scientific literature and group discussions are used as teaching tools. Laboratory-based teaching is an important component of my courses, since I am convinced that hands-on experience is valuable to students learning plant science. I currently supervise or co-supervise six PhD students, one Masters, and three undergraduate research students. Six PhD, one Masters, and 15 undergraduates have completed research projects under my supervision/co-supervision. I was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award (Undergraduates) for the Faculty of Agriculture in 1997 and 2001.
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