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Jennifer Rodger

Assoc/Prof Jennifer Rodger

Research Associate Professor
School of Animal Biology

Contact details
School of Animal Biology
The University of Western Australia (M317)
35 Stirling Highway
6488 2245
6488 7527
BSc Bath, PhD ParisVI

1993BSc. Hons. in Biochemistry: University of Bath, UK.
1996PhD in Molecular Neuroscience (Mention: Tres honourable avec les felicitations du jury): University of Paris VI. Supervisor: Prof Jacques Mallet.
“Expression of syntaxin genes in the brain: key molecules in long-term potentiation (LTP) and learning”

Key research
•Mechanisms of topographic organisation in the brain: molecular, physiological, and theoretical approaches
•Structure-function relationships in the brain
•Brain plasticity in development and repair
Recent publications

Rodger, J., Goto, H., Cui, Q., Chen, P.B., Harvey A.R. (2005). cAMP activity regulates axon outgrowth and guidance during optic nerve regeneration in goldfish. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 30, 452-464.

Taylor, A.L., Rodger, J., Stirling, R.V., Beazley, L.D., Dunlop, S.A. (2005). The balance of NMDA- and AMPA/kainate receptor-mediated activity in normal adult goldfish and during optic nerve regeneration. Experimental Neurology 195, 391-399.

Rodger, J., Symonds, A.C.E., Springbett, J., Shen, W.-Y., Bartlett, C.A., Rakoczy, P.E., Beazley, L.D., Dunlop, S.A. (2005). Eph/ephrin expression in the adult rat visual system following localised retinal lesions: localised and transneuronal up-regulation in the retina and superior colliculus. European Journal of Neuroscience 22, 1840-1852.

Beazley, L.D., Rodger, J., King, C.E., Bartlett, C.A., Taylor, A.L., Dunlop, S.A. 2006. Restoring vision after optic nerve injury. In: JG Hollyfield, RA Anderson, MM LaVail MM, eds. Retinal degenerative diseases. Advances in Experimental Medicine & Biology 572, 389-396. Springer, New York.

Fuller, P.I., Reddrop, C., Rodger, J., Bellingham, M.C. Phillips, J.K. (2006). Differential expression of the NMDA NR2B Receptor Subunit in Motoneuron Populations Susceptible and Resistant to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Neuroscience Letters 399, 157-161.

Rodger, J., King, C.E., Lukehurst, S., Chen, P.B., Dunlop, S.A., Beazley, L.D., Ziman, M.R. (2006). Changing Pax6 expression correlates with axon outgrowth and restoration of topography during optic nerve regeneration. Neuroscience 142(4):1043-54.

Lukehurst, S.S., King, C.E., Beazley, L.D., Tay, D.K.C., So, K.-F., Rodger, J. (2006) Graded ephrin-A2 expression in the developing hamster superior colliculus. Experimental Brain Research 173,546-552.

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Van Saarloos, P.P., Rodger, J. (2007) Histological changes and unscheduled DNA synthesis in the rabbit cornea following 213 -nm, 193-nm and 266-nm irradiation. Journal of Refractive Surgery 23, 477-481.

Dunlop, S.A., Tee, L.B., Goossens, M.A., Stirling, R.V., Hool, L., Rodger, J., Beazley, L.D. (2007) Regenerating optic axons restore topography after incomplete optic nerve injury. J Comp Neurol. 505, 46-57. IF: 3.831.

Symonds, A.C.E., King, C.E., Bartlett, C.A., Sauve, Y., Lund, R.D., Beazley, L.D., Dunlop, S.A., Rodger, J. (2007) EphA5 and ephrin-A2 expression during optic nerve regeneration: a “two edged sword”. European Journal of Neuroscience, 25, 744–752.

King, C.E., Rodger, J. Bartlett, C.A., Esmaili, T., Dunlop, S.A., Beazley, L.D. (2007) Erythropoietin is both neuroprotective and neuroregenerative following optic nerve transection. Experimental Neurology 205, 48-55.

Migani, P, Bartlett, C.A., Dunlop, S.A., Beazley, L.D., Rodger, J. Ephrin-B2 in the adult rat brain. (2007) Brain Research, 1182:60-72.

Sellick, P. Layton, M., Rodger, J. Robertson, D. A method for introducing nonsilencing siRNA into the guinea pig cochlea in vivo. (2008) J. Neurosci. Meths. 167(2):237-45.

Haustead, D.J., Lukehurst, S.S., Clutton,G., Bartlett, C.A., Dunlop, S.A., Arrese, C.A., Sherrard, R.M., Rodger, J. (2008) Functional topography and integration of the contralateral and ipsilateral retinocollicular projections of ephrin-A-/- mice. J. Neuroscience 28:7376 –7386.

Fitzgerald M, Buckley A, Lukehurst SS, Dunlop SA, Beazley LD, Rodger J. (2008) Neurite responses to ephrin-A5 modulated by BDNF: evidence for TrkB-EphA interactions. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 374, 625-30.

Fitzgerald, M., Evill, L., Banz, K., Carroll, S., Rodger, J. (2009) Mineralocorticoids restore quiescent morphology and reduce VEGF receptor expression in inflamed choroidal endothelial cells in vitro. Ophthalmic Research. 41:44-52

Harvey, AR., Hellstrom, M. Rodger, J. Gene therapy and transplantation in the retinofugal pathway. Progress in Brain Research, in press, Accepted August 2008.

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Hawken PA, Jorre TJ, Rodger J, Esmaili T, Blache D, Martin GB. (2009) Rapid induction of cell proliferation in the adult female ungulate brain (Ovis aries) associated with activation of the reproductive axis by exposure to unfamiliar males. Biol Reprod. 80(6):1146-51.
Rodger J, Frost DO. (2009) Effects of trkB knockout on topography and ocular segregation of uncrossed retinal projections. Exp Brain Res. 195, 35-44.
Sherrard RM, Dixon KJ, Bakouche J, Rodger J, Lemaigre-Dubreuil Y, Mariani J. (2009). Differential expression of TrkB isoforms switches climbing fiber-Purkinje cell synaptogenesis to selective synapse elimination. Dev Neurobiol. 69, 647-62.

Wilks, T.A., Harvey, A.R. and Rodger, J. (equal last author) (2010). A role for ephrin-As in maintaining topographic organisation in register across interconnected central visual pathways. Eur. J. Neurosci., 31, 613-622.

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Fitzgerald, M., Bartlett, C., Payne, S.C., Hart, N.S., Rodger, J., Harvey, A., Dunlop, S,A. (2010) Near Infra-red Light Reduces Oxidative Stress and Preserves Function in CNS Tissue Vulnerable to Secondary Degeneration Following Partial Transection of the Optic Nerve. J. Neurotrauma. 27, 2107-19.

Santos, E., Romero-Alemán, M., Monzón-Mayor, M., Lang, D.M., Rodger, J., Yanes, C. (2011) Expression of BDNF and NT-3 during the ontogeny and regeneration of the lacertidian (Gallotia galloti) visual system. Developmental Neurobiology 71, 836-853.

Rodger, J., Salvatore, L., Migani, P. Should I stay or should I go? Ephs and ephrins in neuronal migration. Neurosignals in press, accepted 27 September, 2011.

Rodger J., Mo, C., Wilks, T., Dunlop, SA., Sherrard, RM. Transcranial pulsed magnetic field stimulation facilitates reorganisation of abnormal neural circuits and corrects behavioural deficits without disrupting normal connectivity. FASEB Journal fj.11-194878. Published online January 5, 2012. Written up in New Scientist General news 18 Feb 2012, p11.

Rodger, J., Drummond, ES., Hellstrom, M., Robertson, D., Harvey, AR. Long-term gene therapy causes transgene-specific changes in the morphology of regenerating retinal ganglion cells. PLoS One, accepted Jan 5th, 2012. Written up in Cell Therapy News Volume 13.06, February 20, 2012.

Teo, L. Homman-Ludiye, J., Rodger, J., Bourne, JA. Discrete ephrin-B1 expression by specific layers of the primate retinogeniculostriate system continues throughout postnatal and adult life. J Comp Neurol. Accepted 2 Feb 2012.
Funding received
•2009-2012: NHMRC Project Grant J Rodger, R Sherrard, SA Dunlop Promoting plasticity and functional recovery in the adult brain: enrichment and transcranial magnetic stimulation
•2009-2012: NHMRC Project grant Harvey Rodger. Cell death in the retina: analysing the switch that triggers dependency on target-derived trophic factors.
•2010-2013: NHMRC Project Grant. Bourne, Rodger. Molecular and cellular changes following a cortical injury: What role do they play in regeneration?
•2011-2015: NHMRC Research Fellowship J. Rodger.
•2011 -2013: ARC Linkage Grant. Rodger, Dunlop, Sherrard, Farrow,Goh. Studying the impact of pulsed magnetic fields on neural tissue.)
•2011-2012: Neurotrauma Research Program Project Grant: Rodger, Meloni, Bourne, Dunlop Testing novel rTMS stimulation protocols to improve neuroprotection and functional recovery following stroke: rodent and primate models
•2011-2012: Neurotrauma Research Program Project Grant: Rodger, Sherrard, Dunlop. Optimising pulsed magnetic fields to promote repair & recovery from neurotrauma.
•2011-2012: Neurotrauma Research Program Project Grant: Dunlop, Fitzgerald, Rodger, Salt. Loss of function in spared neural circuits during secondary degeneration and its potential rescue with infrared light.
•2011-2012: Neurotrauma Research Program Project Grant: Harvey, Rodger. Anatomical and behavioural analysis of axonal regeneration and target re-innervation after combined gene- and pharmacotherapy.
•2011-2012: Neurotrauma Research Program Project Grant: Rodger, Carter. The role of gene regulation by micro-RNA sequences during central nerve regeneration.
•2011-2012: Neurotrauma Research Program Project Grant: Robertson, Mulders, Rodger. Molecular changes in the CNS associated with trauma to the inner ear
•2011: Distinguished Visiting Teachers Fund Application - Professor Julian C. Partridge
•UWA Collaboration award with Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, France (Prof Rachel Sherrard)
•Go8DaaD Collaborative Research award

Industrial relevance
Testing treatments for ocular inflammation
Australian Neuroscience Society
Australian Society for Medical Research
Society for Neuroscience, USA
Honours and awards
Raine Priming Grant
NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship
Course coordinator: ANIM3320 Comparative Neurobiology
Lecturer: NEUR325 Advanced Neuroscience,
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