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Flavie Waters

Assoc/Prof Flavie Waters

Research Associate Professor (Tues, Wed, Fri)
Graylands Hospital

Contact details
Graylands Hospital
The University of Western Australia (M708)
35 Stirling Highway
9347 6650
BSc Lond., MSc Essex, MPsych PhD W.Aust.
I am a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Clinical Research in Neuropsychiatry (CCRN) and School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, University of Western Australia, and Research Director of the North Metro Older Adult Mental Health Services. The focus of my research in the past 10 years has been to understand and characterise the brain-behaviour relationship of neuropsychiatric disorders. A common theme underlying my research is the evaluation of quantitatively specific components of schizophrenia using a combination of approaches, including psychopathological assessment, sleep-wake measurements, cognitive, genetic and electrophysiological investigations.
Key research
1. Sleep dysfunctions in people with mental illness. My research aims to provide a better understanding, and to design better models of care and interventions, for sleep dysfunctions in persons with psychiatric problems. Sleep dysfunctions are commonly linked to mental illness, but they remain poorly understood, under-diagnosed and under-treated. I utilize the latest sleep technologies, including portable sleep EEG recording and actigraphy monitoring in research projects involving inpatients and outpatients. My goal is to improve the screening and availability of sleep interventions, so that all persons with mental health and sleep problems can benefit from a better quality of life.
2. Psychopathological symptoms. I am interested in characterising the brain mechanisms underlying auditory hallucinations, first rank passivity symptoms and delusions, using cognitive, electrophysiology and sleep-wake assessments. I am the principal organiser of the International Consortium on Auditory Hallucinations (
3. A related area of interest involves understanding self-recognition mechanisms. At present, my lab uses experimental tools such as the rubber hand illusion to induce body illusions in clinical and non-clinical populations. I am also interested in how body experiences change after the administration of psychoactive substances. Collaborations on these project include Dr Nick Holmes (UK) and Prof Matt Martin-Iverson (UWA).
4. Family and carers of individuals living with a severe and persistent mental illness. I am the lead investigator on the Family and Carers Education and Partnership Strategy (FACES) project, which aims to improve the quality of clinician engagement with carers and develop more robust partnerships between clinicians and carers.
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Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Amelia Stephens (PhD, 2013-) Sleep dysfunctions in autism spectrum disorder: An open label trial of bright light therapy (M. Maybery, A. Whitehouse, F. Waters)
Vivian Chiu (PhD, 2013-) Melatonin and cognitive-behavioural therapy for the treatment of insomnia in people with schizophrenia (F. Waters)
Alix Mellor (PhD, 2010-) Impact of sleep on cognition: Does depression matter? (PhD) (F. Waters, R. Bucks, H. McGowan) Best Poster Award (Scientific Merit) at the Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research, Fremantle
Devon Spaaten (Masters): Emotion regulation in the general community (F. Waters, R. Bucks)
Kyran Graham (PhD, 2010-) Body perception in schizophrenia’ (PhD) (F. Waters, Martin-Iverson)
Katherine Kent (Hons, 2013) Extinction effects on the Rubber Hand: Effect of dexamphetamine administration (M. Martin-Iverson, F. Waters)
Anthony Font (Hons, 2013) Effect of dexamphetamine administration on the Rubber Hand Illusion in health volunteers (M. Martin-Iverson, F. Waters)
Jeremy Downie (Hons, 2012) Effect of dexamphetamine administration on self-body perception in health volunteers (M. Martin-Iverson, F. Waters) First-Class honours
Russell Piper (Hons, 2012) Effect of repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) on self-body perception in health volunteers (M. Martin-Iverson, G. Price, F. Waters)
Katrin Hanken (Masters Degree, 2011; student exchange) Sleep-disordered breathing in schizophrenia (F.Waters)
Michelle Hodge (2011) ‘Sleep disturbances and the Behavioural and Psychiatry Symptoms of Dementia’ (F. Waters, R Bucks)
Shahrzad Mazhari (2009) ‘Cortical inhibitory deficits as a core deficit in schizophrenia’ (PhD) (A. Jablensky, G. Price, F. Waters, M. Dragovic)
Funding received
North Metro Area Mental Health. Equipment grant "ApneaLink with Oximetry" F. Waters
North Metro Area Mental Health 2010. Equipment grant "Portable Somte PSG" F. Waters
NHMRC Project Grant 2010 "Body representation deficits in schizophrenia patients with motor passivity symptoms . F. Waters, A. Jablensky, N. Holmes, M. Dragovic, J. Badcock.
NHMRC Equipment Grant 2010 Measurement of sleep patterns with actigraphy. J. Heyworth, L.Fritschi, F.Bull, B. Giles-Corti, F. Waters, T. Boyle, J.Girschik
North Metro Area Mental Health - Equipment grant 2009 for actigraphy monitoring devices. F. Waters, D. Rock
Ada Bartholomew Research Grant 2009 “Sleep-wake disturbances in individuals with schizophrenia and their relatives (2009-2010) F. Waters, D. Rock, A. Jablensky, R. Foster, K. Wulff
North Metro Area Mental Health - Western Australia. Seeding grant for the development of a 'Older Adult Clinical Research Unit' (2009-2012) F. Waters
NHMRC Research Training Fellowship “A neurocognitive and electrophysiological investigation of first-rank symptoms in schizophrenia” (2006-2009) F. Waters
Honours and awards
2012 Excellence in Teaching Award (Research Supervision Award) Winner, UWA
2011 Team Award for Contributions that Enhance Learning, UWA (PSYC1101 Psychology: Mind and Brain)
2010 Excellence in Supervision Award Nomination, University of Western Australia
2007 Early Career Research Scholar Award, from the Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research (ASPR)
2001 Best Oral Presentation (Scientific Merit) Psychology Conference, UWA
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