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Assoc/Prof Flavie Waters

Research Associate Professor (Tues, Wed, Fri)
Graylands Hospital (Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, School of)

Contact details
Graylands Hospital
The University of Western Australia (M708)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 9347 6650
BSc Lond., MSc Essex, MPsych PhD W.Aust.
I am a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, University of Western Australia, and Lead Researcher at the Clinical Research Centre in Graylands Hospital, Perth, Australia.

Through a unique partnership between the university and mental health services, I currently work closely with program managers, clinicians and people with mental illness to drive and manage the clinical research capacity within North Metro Mental Health services (youth, adult and older adults). My role is to promote the systematic evaluation of programs and interventions, and to integrate basic and clinical research findings into service delivery.

Importantly, I continue to be active in research. My research expertise is in severe mental illness, particularly schizophrenia and psychosis. I have a particular interest in hallucinations and i am the founder and scientific chair of the International Consortium on Hallucination Research.

I also have an interest in sleep sciences and in sleep interventions as a way of supporting the recovery and improving the outcomes of people with mental illness.
Key research
I have developed and directed programs of research into the cognitive mechanisms of severe mental illness, and I continue to lead the development of new clinical interventions with real world relevance.
Past 5 years:

Waters F, Stephane M. (Jan 2015) The Assessment of Psychosis: A Textbook and Rating Scales on Psychotic Symptoms. New York: Routledge Taylor & Francis

Publications (last 5 years):
Waters F (in press) Voices beyond words. The Lancet Psychiatry (invited commentary).

Waters F, Jardri R (in press) Auditory hallucinations: Debunking the myth of language supremacy. Schizophrenia Bulletin

Waters F (2014) Auditory hallucinations in adult populations. Psychiatric Times

Graham K, Martin-Iverson M, Holmes N, Jablensky A, Waters F (2014) Deficits in agency in schizophrenia, and additional deficits in body image, body schema and internal timing in passivity symptoms. Frontiers in Psychiatry

Graham K, Martin-Iverson M, Holmes N, Jablensky A, Waters F (2015) The projected hand illusion: component structure in a community sample, and association with demographics, cognition and psychotic-like experiences. Attention, Perception and Psychophysiology;77(1):207-19

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Waters, F. (2013). Time perception and discrimination in individuals with auditory hallucinations. The Neuroscience of Hallucinations. Eds R. Jardi, T. Pierre, D. Pines

Albrecht M, Graham K, Martin-Iverson M, Waters F (2013) The rubber-hand illusion: Manipulating our sense of body experience. In Consciousness: States, Mechanisms and Disorders. Eds Gotsiridze-Columbus

Waters F, Naik N, Rock D. (2013) Sleep, fatigue and functional health in psychotic patients. Schizophrenia Research and Treatment (http://dx.doi.orgn/10.1155/2013/425828).

Waters F, Naik N, Rock D. (2013) Sleep-disordered breathing in psychiatric inpatients: A survey. Schizophrenia Research.143, 393-394

Mellor A., Waters F, Olaithe M, McGowan H., Bucks R. (2013) Sleep and aging: Examining the effect of depression and sleep-disordered breathing. Behavioural Sleep Medicine, 11: 1-13

Spaapen D, Waters F, Bucks R (in press) The Emotion Regulation Questionnaire: validation of the ERQ-9 in two community samples. Psychological Methods 26(1) 46-54

Waters F, Faulkner D, Naik N, Rock D (2012) Effects of polypharmacy on sleep in psychiatric inpatients. Schizophrenia Research, 139(1-3) 225-228

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Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Supervision (Past two years)

Claire Mitchell (PhD, 2014-) Cognitive processes of visual hallucinations (F. Waters, M. Maybery, S.Russell Smith)

Amelia Stephens (PhD, 2013-) Sleep dysfunctions in autism spectrum disorder: An open label trial of bright light therapy (M. Maybery, A. Whitehouse, F. Waters)

Vivian Chiu (PhD, 2013-) Melatonin and cognitive-behavioural therapy for the treatment of insomnia in people with schizophrenia (F. Waters) (2014 Daniel Beck Award, Schizophrenia Research Institute)

Alix Mellor (PhD, 2010-2014) Impact of sleep on cognition: Does depression matter? (PhD) (F. Waters, R. Bucks, H. McGowan)

Devon Spaaten (Masters, 2013-2015): Emotion regulation in people with psychotic-like experiences (F. Waters, R. Bucks)

Kyran Graham (PhD, 2010-2015) Body perception in schizophrenia (PhD) (F. Waters, Martin-Iverson)

Katherine Kent (Hons, 2013) Extinction effects on the Rubber Hand: Effect of dexamphetamine administration (M. Martin-Iverson, F. Waters)

Anthony Font (Hons, 2013) Effect of dexamphetamine administration on the Rubber Hand Illusion in health volunteers (M. Martin-Iverson, F. Waters) First-Class honours

Future research
PhD opportunity with top-up Scholarship in Youth Mental Health (2015-2018)
We are looking for suitable candidate to undertake a PhD in youth mental health starting 2015, and are offering a top-up PhD studentship available on a competitive basis. This project will involve the characterization of a representative cohort of adolescents and young adults presenting with mental health issues. The primary objective is to understand the onset and course of mental health problems in young people, and to identify their health, psychological, social and economic needs, and service utilization.
The successful candidate will be enrolled at UWA and will work with North Metropolitan Youth Mental Health Services and clinicians.
Please contact:
Funding received
Funding (past five years)

Schizophrenia under the genomic lens: next generation sequencing of Western Australian families with schizophrenia A.Jablensky, E. Moses, N. McCarthy, P.Melton, V. Morgan, J. Badcock, F. Waters, National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Project Grant 2014

ApneaLink with Oximetry. F. Waters, North Metro Area Mental Health Equipment grant 2012

Portable Somte PSG. F. Waters, North Metro Area Mental Health Equipment grant 2012

Body representation deficits in schizophrenia patients with motor passivity symptoms . F. Waters (AI Jablensky, N. Holmes, M. Dragovic, J. Badcock). National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Project Grant 2010

Measurement of sleep patterns with actigraphy. J. Heyworth, L.Fritschi, F.Bull, B. Giles-Corti, F. Waters, T. Boyle, J.Girschik National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Equipment Grant 2010

Honours and awards
2014 'Most cited article' award, University of Western Australia

2014 Excellence in Teaching Award (Research Supervision Award) Nomination, University of Western Australia

2012 Excellence in Teaching Award (Research Supervision Award) Winner, University of Western Australia

2011 Team Award for Contributions that Enhance Learning (PSYC1101 Psychology: Mind and Brain)University of Western Australia

2010 Excellence in Supervision Award Nomination, University of Western Australia

2007 Early Career Research Scholar Award, from the Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research (ASPR)

Research profile
Research profile and publications

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